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Gareth Miller tattoo studio Leeds, you’ll discover not just a studio, but a creative sanctuary where talented artists craft your imagination into beautiful, permanent masterpieces. From intricate designs to bold statements, our team of skilled tattoo artists specialises in a wide range of styles, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality.

What sets our tattoo studio Leeds apart is our dedication to providing not just tattoos, but experiences. Our studio is a reflection of our commitment to quality, hygiene, and client satisfaction. We adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness, ensuring that every tattoo process is not only a work of art but a safe and comfortable journey.

What truly distinguishes us is the personal touch we add to each piece. Every tattoo tells a story, and our artists take the time to listen, understand, and collaborate with you to make that story come alive. From concept to completion, your voice is heard, and your vision is realised.

Community of individuals

Our Tattoo Studio Leeds is not just a place to get a tattoo, it’s a community of individuals who embrace diversity, creativity, and self-expression. Our clients walk in as guests but leave as family, connected by a shared passion for body art. Our studio is a welcoming space, where you can explore ideas, seek guidance, and immerse yourself in a world of artistic possibilities.

If you’re in Leeds and looking for more than just a tattoo, our Studio is where your ink journey begins. Come visit us, share your dreams, and let us transform them into living, breathing art that you’ll carry with pride for a lifetime.

Japanese styles and custom designs

Gareth Specialised in Japanese styles and custom designs, some of the most popular designs are:

Koi Fish: Koi fish are a symbol of strength and determination. They are often depicted swimming upstream, representing perseverance.

Cherry Blossoms (Sakura): Cherry blossoms are a symbol of transience and the beauty of life. They are often used to contrast the idea of impermanence with the enduring nature of the tattoo itself.

Dragons: Japanese dragons are seen as benevolent and are often associated with protection, wisdom, and strength.

Tigers: Tigers are a symbol of courage and protection. A traditional motif often paired with dragons.

Peonies: These flowers symbolise wealth, prosperity, and good fortune.

Dotwork Tattoos

Dotwork tattoos consist of thousands of small dots arranged in patterns and densities to create various shades and textures. The density and spacing of the dots determine the darkness or lightness of the tattoo.

Dotwork tattoos have gained popularity for their unique aesthetic and the skill required to create them. They can be visually striking and are often chosen by individuals who appreciate detailed and intricate tattoo designs. If you’re considering a dotwork tattoo, Gareth Miller is extremely experienced in this style, it requires a specific set of skills to achieve the desired results.

Gareth Miller

Gareth is a tattoo artist with a distinct expertise in dotwork, traditional Japanese styles, and crafting custom designs. His approach to his craft is highly collaborative, working closely with his clients to bring their ideas to life. With 15 years of experience, Gareth’s reputation in Leeds and throughout Yorkshire has grown significantly, having had the privilege of working with prominent figures from the world of music, television, and sports.

You can find Gareth practicing his art at Snake and Tiger Tattoo, an independent studio located in Thornton’s Arcade in the heart of Leeds. Gareth, alongside co-owner Chris Lambert, founded this studio in 2015. The combined experience of the Snake and Tiger team exceeds 30 years, and they are widely recognized in the North as a highly professional and independent tattoo studio.

Gareth’s journey began as an apprentice in 2003, and his wealth of knowledge and experience enables him to closely collaborate with clients to turn their ideas into timeless works of art. Beyond his technical skills, Gareth’s artistic talent shines through in every piece he creates.

Known for his patience and approachability, Gareth aims to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for his clients during their tattoo sessions. He’s also a passionate supporter of Leeds United and is more than happy to engage in conversations about the club with anyone in his chair.

Gareth’s reputation extends beyond tattooing, as his artwork is increasingly gaining recognition. His creations have been showcased across Yorkshire and even further afield, with many of his pieces available for purchase online.

To see more of Gareth’s work, explore his gallery or visit his Instagram page. If you have a specific style in mind and wish to contact Gareth directly, you can visit Snake and Tiger Tattoo in Thornton’s Arcade, just off Briggate in Leeds city center, or reach out to him at 07886985028.

In addition to his work as a tattooist, Gareth’s reputation as an artist continues to grow. Having had his work displayed across Yorkshire and beyond, many of his pieces are now available to buy online.